We’re so happy to support you in an active, healthy lifestyle. Since we know how busy a week can be - how much we’d do of some extra hours in a day - we hope to offer you as much as we can for a comfortable break.



  • 1 session card for €13
  • 10 session card for €110
  • 20 session card for €180
  • You can buy your session card before or after class at Squad. We accept debet and creditcards, no cash please. 



  • don’t loose time over finding a parking spot, we got enough free parking space right in front of our door
  • Although wearing sweatpants during work shouldn’t be an issue, you’re welcome to use the dressing room before or after class
  • Need to get back to work? Grab a shower, we have towels and lovely scented soaps by Marie-Stella-Maris to treat yourself, you deserve it. 
  • Drink water! We have fusion water to keep you hydrated at all times
  • Stick around at Cantine or order take-away