Can I take a shower at squad?

Yes! We have a changing room with 2 showers, including soaps by Marie-Stella-Maris and fresh towels.

Can we order breakfast or lunch at Squad?

You can order directly with Cantine, let them know if you want to eat in or have your order ready when you finish class. http://www.eatatcantine.be/order/.

Can we drink water during class?

Ofcourse, we have tapwater available at the start of each class. Check out the fresh juices and shakes with our Cantine friends                                     if you feel up to more than just water.

If I’m too late who can I call?

Easiest way is to download the mind body app, your subscription or cancellation will get to us the fastest through this way. Rather call? Try 0494135884 or celien 0473277572.

Can we share session cards?

No, each session card is personal. Look out for seasonal promotions if you want to make a bargain.

Can we wear our gymshoes in class? 

As long as they’re clean, we don’t discriminate, but please don’t enter our studio with dirty shoes.

Can we park in front of the building?

Yes, we have a few parking spots available in front of the building. You can also park in Louis Brenta straat and Schaarbeeklei just around the corner.

Are there medical supplies that I can use if I hurt myself?

Yes, we have a First Aid kit available in case you hurt yourself.

Do you have lockers at Squad?

You can leave shoes and clothing in the changing rooms or in the studio. We have some lockers available but these are limited and only for use during class, you can’t use it to leave your thing for next class.

Do we need to bring workout stuff/supplies?

For every class, bring sportsclothing, clean shoes and a towel. We’ll take care of the rest.

Can we eat during class?

Our studio is meant for workouts and relaxation, if you want something to eat it’s best to join our Cantine colleagues.

Are pets allowed?

Unless you’re talking about baby goats it might be best to leave them at home, we don’t have any facilities to host animals.

Where can I leave my bags and other stuff?

You can leave them in the changing room or at the studio during class.

How can I subscribe?

Easiest way is to download the mindbody app or via our schedule https://www.squadatfirma.be/schedule/ If you think something went wrong it’s best to send us an e-mail at hello@squadatfirma.be so we can double check

Is there a minimum age to join the squad?

We don’t have specific classes for children so we wouldn’t advise you to bring your toddler, but everybody over 16 should be able to keep up with our coaches.

Can I try one of the classes for free?

You always have to pay for your session, but look out for seasonal promotions if you want to make a bargain.

Where can I find the schedule?

Do you have personal coaches?

No, Squad is all about group classes so we don’t organize personal sessions.

Can I take my kids to Squad (they don’t participate)?

We’re afraid they’d get bored since we don’t have anything to entertain them. Let your partner or babysit watch the children so you can focus on you, you and you ;-)

What are the opening hours?

Since we only offer group classes it’s best to check out the full schedule https://www.squadatfirma.be/schedule/ all classes are held between 7.30am and 9pm.

Can I start exercising immediately after I’m registered?

Yes, you can immediately subscribe for a lesson. You can pay for your session at squad, make sure you come 5 minutes early.

Do I have to reserve for a lesson?

We have some spaces left in each class for walk ins but if you want to be sure it’s best to subscribe, this way we know how many people to expect and if we should wait for you.

How can I cancel a class?

Easiest way is through the mind body app or via hello@squadatfirma.be