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Bootcamp / Jochen

High Intensity trainings are a series of cardio exercises which will leave you dead-beat, but at the same time give you enough energy to get you through the entire week. If sweating and burning calories is your thing, you’ll love this half hour workout. Jochen will help you keep up the courage and push your boundaries.



Vinyasa flow / Line

Upbeat vinyasa flow with core work, heart-openers, twists and balance poses. We take time for meditation and breathing exercises that can help when you’re tired or stressed during the day.





Open floor / Line

Break out of your head by dancing to the music. A few guided meditation exercises make your dance experience more profound. The rest of the dance is up to you. No talking on the dance floor. Get creative and discover a new you. 




Power yoga / Sarah

A spicy, dynamic and empowering vinyasa flow class. The best way to build a healthy and strong body, to relieve stress and boost your confidence. Prepare to sweat as you move through a series of physically demanding yoga postures.

Hatha yoga

Build a strong and healthy foundation for your yoga practice. The focus is on learning how to perform physical yoga postures in a safe and correct way.  A gentle practice that will increase the flexibility and strength of your body and mind and that will help you to find balance. Accessible for all levels.



Run crew

A group of people who just love to run, come gather every 2 weeks for a run through the area around vilvoorde. Running together will keep you motivated and make you go the extra mile. Every last Sunday of the month you can treat yourself with a healthy brunch by Cantine after your morning run.



Let us know if you want to join our coach crew!

We’re constantly looking out for new ways of exercise, interesting classes or workouts. Want to join our Squad and teach your own class at the studio? Let us know, stop by for a cup of coffee and we’ll talk over all possibilities.

We love our workspace so much, we just opened our own studio so don’t we don’t have to leave. Co-workers, Cantine customers, inhabitants of Vilvoorde, people working nearby - basically everybody is welcome to join the group classes.